Some people believe tailors are a dying profession, confined mainly to old city shops and expensive men’s boutiques. However, fashion experts will tell you this isn’t the case. In fact, the only way to get a well-made, perfectly fitting suit is to turn to a tailor in nyc, particularly those who specialize in bespoke suits in nyc. Not only are they able to custom-fit any shape or size man, they are also up to date on the latest trends and fashions. The list below reveals many of the other distinct advantages when gentlemen Buy Bespoke Suits in NYC.

Along with the careful advisement of the tailor, a bespoke suit buyer has complete control over all aspects of the piece, from fabric and cut to style, length, and all other features.

Suits are carefully measured, usually by an expert who has often been called the best tailor in nyc. The measurement process can take some time, but this ensures the accuracy and perfection of the fit. This is called “basted fitting.”

The best bespoke NYC tailor will hand-stitch the vast majority of the suit. He will also allow the customer to look in on the process and request corrections.

A bespoke should satisfy the cardinal rules of a great suit. The shoulder pads must always terminate at the end of the shoulders. Also, the jack collar and shirt collar should always lay flat against each other.

The undershirt must be invisible. The dress shirt cuffs should peek out one-quarter to one-half of an inch beyond the jacket sleeve. The waistband must allow for no slippage, but still be comfortable.

There should be about one inch of a break at the bottom of the pant. In other words, the very bottom of the pant should touch the shoelaces.

One’s hand should fit easily inside to the jacket pocket with one button buttoned (on a two-button suit), or with two buttons buttoned (on a three-buttoned suit).

In addition to the above advantages bespoke tailors provide, they can also advise on the latest, most stylish accessories. While some men prefer a straight tie, a well-made bow-tie can make a statement that is either more formal or more fun. Shoes no longer need to be just black patent. Many colors, materials, and shines can give a glimmer of individuality as a person walks into or leaves a room. For those wanting the utmost in class, the pocket square is a necessity. Finally, add a stylish watch, and the buyer has a suit made perfectly to show of both his form and excellent taste.